A blog about moving to New Zealand from the UK…

An on-going blog about our new life Down Under! Follow us on our journey from arriving back in the UK after taking a year out to travel to where we are and what we are doing today. During a 7 week road trip of the south island we fell in love with NZ and decided to return and make a go of living here in the shaky city of Christchurch!

We are hoping this blog will help potential migrants coming to NZ. There is so much to consider, organize and lots of decisions to be made. Hopefully the info in our blog will help with the never ending list of questions that arise when emigrating. Serious stuff aside we hope you will enjoy our photos, videos and experiences of NZ.

This wee corner of the world is beautiful with a laid back attitude and a slower pace. We absolutely love it here!

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Mount Cook, NZ


One thought on “About

  1. Similar story here: we spent 3 months travelling every corner of New Zealand and the place just stole our hearts. We’re trying every which way to get back out there now and, with contacts out there, it should be easier (not ‘easy’ but ‘easier’) than our initial time round.

    Your blog came along just as we were putting solid plans and dates into place so – hopefully – it’ll prove a valuable resource and a great insight and help to us achieving this.

    Good luck with your lives out there!

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