Otago Central Railtrail Part 1:stop off in Oamaru (penguins!)

For the last three years at least I have been carrying on about doing the Otago Central Railtrail and now we are finally getting it done! A multi-day cycle tour of some of NZ’s finest scenery along the old rail line through old tunnels (and multiple pubs I’m told…)

First stop on the way down to our start point was an overnight stay in Oamaru, home to not just one species of penguin but two.  The very sweet little blue penguins who make their exit from a hard day of fishing around some rocks and the yellow eyed penguins who pop out on to Bushy Beach to make their way back to nests up on the cliff. Cute little things really!


Bushy Beach





Apparently only three penguins live on this beach now – lucky to see this one!




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