Ryde Falls

Another weekend, another hike! This one was a bit more dramatic seeing as we witnessed a girl slip down the cliff. We were just about to settle down in a nice spot with feet in water for lunch and suddenly a girl who was enjoying the falls with friends slipped, what must have been, around 10 metres. We rushed over to check she was OK and thankfully she was concious but had injured her foot and couldn’t get up. We both hiked back to get signal on our phone so that we could call mountain rescue. Luckily it wasn’t too long before we could get signal and call for help and then less than an hour later we heard the Westpac chopper up ahead and later found out they picked the girl up safely. When we went to help them we gave the girl some water to wash the wound on her leg and in all the commotion thought we had left our water with them so hiked back almost the whole track thirsty with not much water. It was only when we stopped for a rest that Mr M pulled the almost full bottle of water out of his back and said “wouldn’t it be funny if I told you water water has been in my bag the whole time?” No big deal, just meant we were so thirsty we had to stop for a beer on the way home…

The walk takes you through a black beech tree forest with some great views over the hills and a few streams to jump over. Make sure you take bug spray, sand flies love a good nip up there!






Much needed replenishment on the way home!



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