More West Coast Adventures!

More visitors for Mr M and I! Another good excuse to take a holiday and show our friends around NZ. We first met Mr A and Mrs D when travelling around South America 5 years ago and ended up backpacking together for a short time in Chile and Peru. We said our goodbyes at a train station in Peru not knowing if we would ever see each other again. With them being from The Netherlands and us from UK it was quite likely that our paths wouldn’t cross again… until 3 months ago I receive a facebook message from the two of them saying “we’re travelling NZ, do you want to catch up?” And so then the planning of “roadtrip 2.0” commenced! We decided to plan a trip to a couple of  locations that tourists don’t tend to go (or many locals for that matter) so that they could get chance to experience being truly out in the wop wops! We headed over to Carters Beach, then up to Karamea and then on to Hanmer. What a week! Fantastic scenery, decent weather, adventurous walks, lots of laughs and all rounded off by sharing Christmas day together with some of Mr M’s family in North Canterbury. The West Coast is such a beautiful part of NZ we felt we couldn’t keep it a secret!


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