Diving Poor Knights Island

Rated by Jaques Cousteau as one of the best dive sites in the world and I can see why! Unique, impressive and a little bit different to what we’re used to. Diving the Poor Knights is a cold water dive so it was time to rug up, jump in and explore what NZ has to offer under water. We went to a sight called “Tye Dye Cave”, a site that is rarely visited as conditions have to be perfect. The ocean has to be calm so that you can swim under an arch and it also has to be sunny to allow the beams of sunlight to shine through. I only wish we could have captured it on camera as it was something I’ve never seen before! Beams of light shining through the rocks and catching on the array of fish swimming through the arch with us. We also saw quite a few stingray around, one even swam directly below me so I managed to see one up close and personal!

On the way back to shore a pod of dolphins came to say hello, even a mum out with her pup, which was awesome!

After a long day of diving it was time to head to Schanppa Rock for a huge chunk of steak before crashing out ready to drive back to Auckland the next day.

I can highly recommend Dive Tutukaka. Very professional, fun and knowledgeable team that made the trip worth while. We would both love to dive Poor Knights again, but there’s so much to see and do in the place that I don’t think we’ll make it back any time soon!

WP_20150502_001 WP_20150502_002 WP_20150502_008 WP_20150502_024 WP_20150502_027 WP_20150502_050 WP_20150502_064

Dolphins :)

Dolphins 🙂

Mum taking pup to see the humans...

Mum taking pup to see the humans…

WP_20150502_026 WP_20150502_027 WP_20150502_028

Pup feedng from mum

Pup feedng from mum

WP_20150502_035 WP_20150502_036 WP_20150502_037 WP_20150502_044


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