High powered business woman…. maybe!

It’s been a while since I’ve given a proper update! Still plodding along in NZ – settled into our house well and really liking the area. Still getting out and enjoying NZ as much as we can, plenty more adventures to come!

Some big news work wise. Now that we have the house I have started running my own business. It is something I have always wanted to do, well, ever since I starting working for someone else! I have turned the garage into a gym (when not being used as a garage!) It’s a double garage so plenty of space for my clients. I have started off small as I still have other jobs. My first advert went into the local community newsletter “The Woodend Woodpecker.” I generated a couple of clients from the ad and then decided to approach GrabOne (similar to Groupon in the UK) to see if they would be interested in putting my business up on their website offering discounted sessions. The response has been great! The deal is due to expire soon and I have had 12 people sign up to sessions. Fingers crossed I will gain some long standing clients from the vouchers. The good thing is there aren’t a lot of exercise options out where we live. There are some gyms knocking around but a big commercial gym isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In other big news, I found a jar of Branston Pickle on the shelf in Pak ‘n Save for $4. Happy days!


Shiny new logo created by moi!

Shiny new logo created by moi!

The gym

The gym



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