Cheers Arthur!

The weekend just gone was spent in a hut in the middle of no where! The hut belongs to a school in Chch that our friend teaches at. She booked the hut and we all went for a little adventure! Rugged would be a good way to describe the place – no heating in the dorm area and electricity if you bring petrol for the generator. We went hiking, built fires, drank beer and had a pot luck dinner. All in all a great weekend! The hike was pretty tough. At one point it felt like we were climbing rather than hiking! It was all worth it at the top where the views were incredible. At this time of year snow is settling on the mountains, which makes the views even more picturesque. After lunch at the top it was time to head down, which is usually viewed as easier. It was not! The way down was tough and involved quite a lot of falling over! The way down involved sounds of people slipping followed by “you OK?” answered with “Yep” followed by giggling! We eventually made it back down to the outside fire and cold beer.

There’s lots to see and do in Arthur’s Pass in general. Even just driving through provides great scenery. There’s a small town with a cafe part way through or you can drive all the way through to the West Coast (takes about 3.5 hours to do the whole pass). There’s quite a few walking and biking tracks along the way all sign posted. Or if it’s winter and know how to ski there’s plenty of ski fields to choose from.


First view of the mountains after climbing upwards through forest for a couple of hours!






Time for a bath!!

Time for a bath!!








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