The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

I had been looking forward to this for about a year! When we first arrived in Christchurch over one year ago the beer fest fell on a weekend that we were busy. So this year we made sure we booked in advance (tickets on GrabOne for $23 😀 )

All in all a good day out. Lots of stands selling lots of different beers from NZ breweries. We also attended some of the cooking demonstrations. Our favourite show was from a Chilean chef who works at a restaurant in Christchurch. He showed us how to make different types of empanadas – one of our favourites when we were backpacking in South America! And even better – not many people went to his demo so we had lots of free samples!

Our good friends had a stand promoting their home brewing shop and offering friendly advice on brewing ( We spent a bit of time at their stand trying the free samples and having a good ol’ chinwag.

Weather turned out to be just right – nice and warm bit of sunshine and some clouds for shade. We’re already working out the logistics of getting there next year as we will be living out of Christchurch at that point!

Chillin' out in the Corporate Lounge!

Chillin’ out in the Corporate Lounge!

Finney's Homebrew Emporium

Finney’s Homebrew Emporium


beer fest 2


Empanada time!

Empanada time!







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