Crazy Canterbury weather!

Weather is one of those topics that, no matter who you are or what  you do, you always end up discussing it with someone! Whether (no pun intended!) it’s with a close friend or a stranger at the bus stop you can guarantee that the weather in Christchurch or Canterbury will ruffle a few feathers at some stage. It did exactly that over the weekend and Canterbury kicked up a concoction of different weather just in one day. I believe we have now officially experienced Canterbury’s “four seasons in a day”!

It started off with lovely sunshine as we headed out to North Cantabs (an endearing shortened version used by locals!) Shorts, t-shirts, sun glasses as if it were any other summers day. And then around midday it clouded over and the wind picked up. So much so that a tornado hit. We were lucky enough to have front row seats and saw the whole event unfold from Aunty A and Uncle G’s lounge. It was like nothing we’ve ever seen before! And then shortly after the tornado passed the hail stones made an appearance. Not quite golf ball sized but getting there! Soon after the tornado and hail came two rainbows – perfectly formed and so colourful!

So there you have it! Nice one Cantabs, always keeping us on our toes!

Heading away from us luckily!

Heading away from us luckily!



Well that's winter out of the way!!

Well that’s winter out of the way!!


The calm.... after the storm!

The calm…. after the storm!





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