How does your garden grow… part 3!

There has been a death and resurrection in the garden family! Our oregano became waterlogged whilst we were away over Christmas and shrivelled into a heap of brown leaves! Good news though, it seems to be recovering now.

Everything else seems to be doing well. Our tomato plants have grown yellow flowers with some little green tomatoes starting to show. Same with the chilli peppers and capsicums.

In other news our caterpillars have all grown up and flown the nest! At one stage we thought they had died as they had been in their chrysalis’ a long time. One hatched but immediately fell to his death in a cobweb below. Not a nice way to go! The second butterfly did the same but we rescued it as we were in the garden at the time and saw it all happen. The third hatched and flew away almost instantly. 


WP_20140125_019[1] WP_20140125_035[1]

Tomatoes taking over!

Tomatoes taking over!



Capsicums coming along nicely

Capsicums coming along nicely


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