Taylor’s Mistake…

I don’t know who he is or what he has done wrong, but the beach named after him is quite nice! So after a pretty miserable spell of weather the sun finally shone for us last weekend. We dusted off the barbie and hiking gear and walked the coastal path from Taylor’s mistake to Godley Head. After a bit of trouble (well, a lot of trouble) with the sat nav we finally arrived one hour later rather than the expect 25 minutes! Just a word of warning – if you use a sat nav to get to certain points in the Port Hills you will probably find yourself doubling back on yourself due to road closures.  My advice would be to get a map and plan the route yourself based on road closures using this website:


A lot of the info is about walking tracks but there are usually updates about the roads in there too.

Anyway, enough about stupid sat navs! The road (yes, there is just one road!) to Taylor’s Mistake beach is a bit hairy. Very narrow and winding in some places mixed in with parked cars makes for an interesting drive! To get to the start of the coastal track you need to go to Taylor’s Mistake car park. It’s easy to find as there are only two car parks. The one you want has a shower block and toilets at the very front. If you are facing the shower block head off left until you reach a sign, which will point to the track.


This link is the reverse of what we did. We decided to start the walk at Taylor’s Mistake as we have been to Godley Head a few times already.

The track is moderate to easy. There are some uphill sections but it is mostly flat. The views are stunning! The sky was so clear we could see the Kaikoura Mountain range from the track. Make sure you take lots of sunscreen, a hat and enough water as the track is very exposed with little shade.

Taylor's Mistake beach

Taylor’s Mistake beach












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