Metro Buses

When you first arrive in Christchurch you may find yourself without a car and needing to use public transport. The Metro bus service is pretty good in Chch. The service continues to battle the bumpy roads full of diversions and cones with pretty good efficiency! Prices are reasonable and you can use a Metro Card (top up swipe card) to save money. Single trips are $2.50 using the card and $3.50 if you buy a ticket. Metro cards can be topped up online or on the bus as long as you have cash. There are various buses covering most places in and around the city. You can also get out to the airport using the local buses at no extra cost.

If you find yourself needing to catch a bus I would recommend taking a map (if you don’t have access to one on your Smart phone!) I had a couple of mares using the buses when I first arrived and your bearings soon get mixed up with all the diversions. Or if you are like me your bearings become easily confused regardless of diversions! One time I got off the bus way too early, but thought I had gotten off too late and walked in the opposite direction to where I needed to go… I’ll chalk that one up to experience!

Another point to consider is that all buses have bike racks attached to the front. There is no extra charge for using it either. When the bus arrives you just attach your bike to the rack and get on as normal. A great little touch I say!


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