Hiking (and hurting!)

On Sunday we decided to hike the Mount Richardson track in the Canterbury Foothills. She did not disappoint! Steep on the way up and tough on the knees on the way down. My calves still hurt four days later and I’m still having trouble getting up stairs! When we reached the top we were treated to some Lord of the Rings style scenery. We caught the better end of the days weather as it clouded over soon after we started to make our way down.

Mount Richardson is part of the Mount Thomas Conservation Area and can be found west of Rangiora on Glentui Bush road, 5km east of Ashley Gorge Bridge. If you don’t fancy a steep climb there are lots of other tracks starting from the same car park. Be careful of sand flies! We got eaten alive when we arrived back at the car! Do not keep the car doors and windows wide open whilst stationary otherwise they will continue to bite as you are driving away.



A UK shaped cloud!

A UK shaped cloud!



Made it!

Made it!


The Southern Alps


Clouds rolling in

Clouds rolling in

The Canterbury Planes

The Canterbury Plains

Those famous NZ ferns

Those famous NZ ferns



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