Brewing our own beer – first batch complete!

Out of all the hobbies to chose from this is by far not the worst! And when I say “our hobby” what I mean is Mr M brews the beer and I am the judge 😀

Brewing your own beer is very popular in NZ. For starters it is a lot cheaper than buying crates of beer and once you get into it you only want to do it more! It doesn’t require heaps of time or effort and is relatively straight forward. Also a lot of our friends brew so it is quite a social thing all meeting up and trying each others beer. Reading back over that last sentence I’m making this sound like a beer drinking version of Come Dine With Me! It’s not, just a social gathering with lots of different home brewed beer!

Our friend has his own home brew shop in Christchurch (  where we go to get all of the equipment and advice on how to brew. It has been great getting advice on different types of beer, how to brew and what to brew. We have both been enjoying the pilsner out here. It is so delicious and goes down far too easily especially on a summers day! Our favourites so far have been Emersons and a Harringtons Rogue Hop. And even better is that they are are NZ made – Emersons down south in Dunedin and Harringtons here in Christchurch. I feel a Harringtons Brewery tour coming on!

We decided to attempt a pilsner as our first brew. Mr M dealt with the technical side of things and I was there to clean up the aftermath! Two months later and I am pleased to announce our very first attempt has been a success! Our pilsner has a lovely smooth taste to it whilst having a good amount of fizz. Plenty more where that came from! It just so happens the brew is ready today, Friday, and I have to be up to start work at 7am tomorrow. Uh oh!


I wont pretend to know what this stuff does...

I wont pretend to know what this stuff does…

End result!

End result!


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