Cheap outlet shopping centre in Chch – Dress Smart

Due to it being Cup and Show week in Christchurch we had a public holiday on Friday. Love those four day weeks! We decided to do some long awaited clothes shopping for Mr M. We worked out that the last time he had been proper clothes shopping was just before we went travelling in January 2011!

We have passed a wee mall called Dress Smart in Hornby a few times and thought we should check it out as it is full of outlet shops. We used to seek out the outlet centres in the UK as we outright refused to pay the normal prices for branded clothes (e.g. 80 quid for a pair of Ripcurl boardies, erm no). Needless to say some bargains were had! Mr M picked up two pairs of Billabong board shorts for $60 (30 quid). There were lots more bargains in store like two t-shirts for $40 (20 quid), buy one get one free on branded clothes – Animal, Ripcurl etc. Mr M also picked up a pair of football boots in the Adidas store for $50 (25 quid). There are also the usual shops like Cotton On and Glassons (New Look), Hallensteins (Burtons), some branded shops like Asics, Timberland and Puma (pronounced Poo-ma over here!), lots of shoe shops, a sunglass shop, Pumpkin Patch for the kids, a few outdoorsy shops like Merrell and also an Esprit.

If ever you are finding clothes expensive this is definitely the place to go. We found the shops to be very well priced and will be going back soon! Plenty of parking too and we went on a public holiday.

We also went to the Wellington Phoenix vs Perth Glory football match at the AMI stadium. The standard wasn’t too bad, but if you are used to watching premier league games then you’ll be disappointed. As we support The Cherries (UTCIAD!!!) who have drifted between leagues two, one and now the championship it didn’t seem too bad and was probably on par standard wise. The highlight for me was when Mr M’s friend walked into the stands with a few beers. My first thought was “isn’t alcohol banned in the stands?” Turns out this rule doesn’t apply out here! I must say I enjoyed sipping my beer in the stands at a leisurely pace rather than buying a half time drink and having to down it in 15 minutes! After the game we caught up with some friends at Pomeroy’s and enjoyed a cheeky Emersons pilsner, just the job!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam 

I thought this was a chicken until I was reminded that the team are called the Wellington Phoenix...

I thought this was a chicken until I was reminded that the team are called the Wellington Phoenix…

Beer (well, Tui) in the stands!

Beer (well, Tui) in the stands!


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