Haaaapy Birthday tooo meee (and Mr M!)

Our first Kiwi birthdays and what a treat they were!

I decided to book the whole day out of my diary so I could enjoy a bit of shopping, a bit of wine and a meal out in the evening. It started with a glorious lie in and the rest of the day was spent spending my vouchers my mum sent for a shop in NZ. I had the idea of buying summer clothes, perhaps spending half of my voucher and then the other half later on in the year. It didn’t pan out that way and I ended up spending all of the voucher and then some! Whoops! I came out with a bunch of new clothes for the summer and went to the Countdown deli and bought some treats for lunch and enjoyed it on the decking in the sunshine. In the evening a bunch of us went of for dinner at the best pub in Christchurch – Pomeroy’s. It started off quite civilized, then my friends purchased shots for me! We all had a great night tucking into the great food and trying different craft beers. I think I was given a Manukua honey flavoured beer at some stage!

Next up 10 days later was Mr M’s birthday. He opted for a “come along when you feel like it” kind of BBQ. Lucky for us Mr M was given a Prezzy Card from work for recognition for all the hard work he has put in on a project. So off we went to Bunnings (akin to B & Q) to pick out a BBQ. She is a beast (see picture!) The BBQ was a success. We had a lovely mix of family, friends and neighbours who all came along to celebrate. There was even a game of football in the driveway to burn off all of those burgers! Our friends stayed a little later and we enjoyed a good ol’ fashioned game of Mario Kart with some home brewed beer from Mr and Mrs F!

We both received a great present from Mr M’s family. They clubbed together to buy us a dive trip to Poor Knights Island. What a crackin’ present! We are both very excited about going hopefully sometime in March 2014 when weather and visibility are top notch. I will definitely be doing an update on this later on!

On a slighter sadder note our awesome neighbours are heading off to live in Dunedin soon. We will miss them heaps! They have made us feel really welcome and always been around for a boozy night in. We will miss Jonty too! Mr M and I wish them all the best and we shall catch up for a weekend in Dunners soon! 

Birthday treats for Miss L!

Cheeky treats at Pomeroys

A proper barbie the Kiwi way!

A proper barbie the Kiwi way!


Meat to veggies ratio sorted…


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