Wop Wops and fush and chups…

Wop wops. That must be a made up word right? Apparently not! It means “in the countryside,” akin to “the sticks” as they say in the UK. I think it is definitely on my list of favourite words!

A couple of people have asked us “do you miss things like fish and chips?” Well, as it turns out the Kiwi’s are crazy for fish and chips (fush and chups is the correct pronunciation out here!)There is a chippie just down the road from us (Dallington Seafood Center) that is pretty damn good. And so cheap! Two pieces of fush and one large chups comes to just over $6 (3 quid). It’s temping to live on that instead of cooking at that price! I think everyone else has the same idea as it is always packed when we go in to order.

In other news Mr M is off up to Auckland for a few days this week for a company funded conference. It seems there will be lots of food, lots of beer, a party and someone said something about attending lectures. As for me it’s a week of work and hopefully a day off if no patients book in! That’ll be a long bike ride along the Avon River until I get to the beach at New Brighton. Not all bad!

Another cool sunset

Another cool sunset


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