A wee update!

So Mr M is in Auckland on a company funded jolly! Mr M and his colleagues have been working hard lately and the company have been doing really well as a result. So off they fly up to Auckland for dinner, drinks and night in a hotel. Alright for some! So I stayed at home and watched One Born Every Minute with a glass of wine and without interruption šŸ™‚

The day after Mr M got back from Auckland was our neighbors, Mr G’s, birthday. His partner Ms D had arranged for his family to come down from the north island for a party without Mr G knowing! We headed over to their place, ate, drank, vaguely remember singing Bohemian Rhapsody and called it a night at about 1am. Good times!

On Thursday Mr M’s cousin and his wife flew back from Ozzy to hit the slopes over the weekend. A few of us went out for Thai food to a restaurant where they mold your rice into different shapes! Mr M had a star, Mrs F had a rabbit and I had heart šŸ™‚ The Thai food is particularly good in NZ and very popular with Kiwi’s. I seem to remember seeing Thai chef on the skills shortage list at one point!

Some more good news! Mr M and I have been working hard lately so we decided to treat ourselves to some new bikes. What with summer just around the corner and last years bikes going out of season we jumped at the chance to snap up a bargain. Mr M manage to pick up a really nice bike for half price as it was last years model. On the same day we got our bikes we headed to Bottle Lake Forest. It is a lovely area right on the beach. We didn’t have long before sunset so we decided cycle a small track just to try out the bikes.

I had a bit of a moment when we had finished the bike ride. Maybe it was the endorphins or something! I thought back to this time one year ago and the fact that we could barely afford a takeaway as a fortnightly treat. Now that we are in NZ we are so much more financially stable and it feels good! I don’t want to make out like we were living on the breadline whilst in London. We weren’t. We never had any trouble paying our rent and bills. But anything more than that took careful consideration. With me barely even working part time, basically living on Mr M’s salary to get by and living in a very expensive city we did have to be careful. I wouldn’t say that we’ve turned frivolous with money all of a sudden, but it is nice to know that now we can pay the bills, save money for a house and have some spare for treats.




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