Residency application… and Pomeroys!

We are now at the stage where we can apply for residency. Mr M is on the skills shortage list so we can apply through the skilled migrant category. One whacking great application form later we sent off our expression of interest (EOI). Basically the applicant puts in an EOI to be able to stay in NZ permanently and then immigration either decline or send an invitation to apply for residency (ITA).  Residency through the skilled migrant category is all based on points. Points for qualifications, experience and a job offer. In order to get picked applicants usually need at least 140 points. Our application totaled 240 points, hopefully it’s a done deal!

The ITA is pretty much the expression of interest we filled out initially and all of the paperwork to back up your application – degree certificates, work references, proof of relationship etc. As we have already had medicals previously this was one aspect we didn’t have to worry about as immigration already had this on file.

Not the same rule for police reports! A police report only lasts 6 months. After this it is null and void. We had police reports done back in London, approximately 9 months ago for our working holiday visas. We haven’t been back to the UK since, so we very much doubted we would need another police report. Makes sense right? Wrong. We had to go through the application process all over again. Part of the application is an endorsement from a person (not a family member) who has known you for at least two years. We had no one in NZ who had known us for two years and everyone else is family. We had to fill the whole application apart from the endorsement section, send the applications to Mrs E, my bestie back in the UK for her to sign, then ask her to post it off for us and then post it to NZ once the certificates had come back. Nightmare. Took ages and delayed our application by about a month, costed us another $80 (40 quid) each and all to prove that we have no criminal convictions which they knew anyway! GRRR!

Anyways, the application is in. Now we have to wait a few months for a case officer and then they either grant residency or decline your application. We are going to have one big party once the residency comes through! No more worrying about visas or our future in NZ. That is something to look forward to! In another five years we will be entitled to NZ citizenship, which comes complete with a shiny blue Kiwi passport!

The other week we went out with some friends to a pub called Pomeroys. It had a very English feel to it, sold happy hour pints for $6 and is walking distance from our house! YEAH! It’s a great little place that has live bands, beer tasting , apparently excellent food and a beer garden. I look forward to going there more often!


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