Pub quizzes and football tournaments

Firstly, some great news from Blighty! Mr M’s sister in law gave birth to a healthy baby boy three weeks ago. We are so pleased to welcome Mr I into the world and judging from the pictures he is one cute wee boy! Congratulations Mr P, Mrs L and Miss A for becoming a big sister!

When we were in NZ the first time around Mr M’s cousin got married. We got talking to some of their friends at the wedding and now that we are back in NZ we have gotten back in touch. Every Monday night we go to a pub quiz with a few of their friends. We have done pretty well so far and have even won a couple of times! The prize is a voucher for behind the bar, which usually buys us all a drink. Beer always tastes better when it’s free…

I have had a couple of pot luck dinners at the clinic, which have been good. It seems like the norm in NZ is to “bring a plate”. Everyone attending pitches in by bringing a plate of food along and we all share each others creations.  This also happens when friends host BBQ’s or dinners. I think it’s a great idea! It really takes the pressure away from the hosts if everyone pitches in. Plus it’s not down to one person or couple to have to arrange and pay for everything what with everyone pitching in. Also, less mess to clean up because everyone washes up their things at the end and takes them home! Although a girl at the gym told me that when she first moved to NZ she was asked to bring a plate along to a BBQ that her friend was having. She missed the concept completely and literally bought an empty plate! The joke was on her that time!

So far so good on the making friends front. Kiwi’s are a very friendly welcoming bunch, which makes it easier. I guess we are lucky with having already made a couple of friends at Mr M’s cousins wedding the first time around.

On a different note I have completed my first aid work at the football tournament. It went really well! I have had some good feedback and have left my contact details with the football club for the future. Nothing too serious and nothing I couldn’t handle. I got to practice my sling making skills when one of the boys took a pretty bad tumble. I slinged him up and suggested to his mum that he goes to hospital as it looked fractured. I caught up with him the next day with a bright purple cast on his arm! Yep, sure enough his wrist was broken. Other than that just cuts and bruises!

As well as the first aid work I have three patients at the clinic now, more work at the gym and more shifts with VBase (catering agency). I have a meeting arranged in a couple of weeks with the guy who swung the first aid work my way. I have already met with one of the directors of this clinic so they already know of me. Hopefully some good opportunities will come of it!

Until next time…


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