General update!

Not too much to report apart from more work heading my way. I received an exciting email from the director of a physio clinic I met with a while ago. The are looking for a first aider to work at a football tournament for 12-16 year olds in a couple of weeks! Despite not having a lot of experience I signed up and figured I could handle it. After all, I do have the qualification now.

I now have two patients at the clinic. The council have also offered me some shifts in the gym. Slowly but surely I am starting to get more and more work. I have also been working for an agency who supply catering and hospitality to venues in Christchurch. Not related to my profession but the work is OK, the people are friendly and I can fit it around the days I am not at the gym or the clinic.

Mr M is getting on well in his job. He has been very busy lately with various projects. The lunch time BBQ’s and beers after work are continuing, which Mr M is pleased with!

In other news my business cards and flyers have arrived! Thanks to Vista Print I picked up quite a good sized order for a very good price – 250 business cards and 600 flyers for $125 (about 65 quid).

Cards and flyers

Cards and flyers


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