Is there a doctor in the house?

So I left my job at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. The ladies I work with organised a goodbye morning tea for me. Lots of well wishes and even a good luck card, which was really nice of them. Although I am leaving they all came across genuinely pleased that I have found some work in my profession.

I now have a gap between finishing at the hospital and starting at the clinic I decided to book on to a first aid course. I have seen a lot of businesses asking for a first aid qualification and it will also come in useful in my line of work. I had a recommendation from one of the meetings I set up a while ago and booked on to a comprehensive two day course with City First Aid. The price was also very reasonable at $150 (about 75 quid). I really enjoyed the course! The teachers were knowledgeable and presented the course in a fun and lighthearted way. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking at completing a course.

In other good news I have my first patient booked in at the clinic, yay! This happened to time very well with an end of season sale at a fitness store in Christchurch. We went in on Saturday afternoon and bought the basics to get me going. I managed to pick up a selection of toys at an absolute steal (see below!) The people working on the till seemed a little shocked at how much stuff I was buying! Now all that is left is to order some business cards and flyers!

Rehab toys!

Rehab toys!


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