Job search continues… and more walking!

Now that my time is coming to an end at the hospital it’s time for me to start looking at work in my profession. The search has taken a bit of a back seat with having full time hours and not ending my contract until now. I set about perfecting my letter and CV and also targeted the clinics I had already met with. Just a “hello, I’m still here wanting work” kind of email. The thing with my profession is that there aren’t many salary paid full time hours kind of jobs. I am usually self employed in clinics receiving referrals from existing practitioners in exchange for a room rental fee. Now is about the sort of time I need to be looking at buying some equipment to get started, printing business cards and flyers. But first, I need a clinic to take me on!

Another walk, this time around Governors Bay. We drove through the Port Hills until we reached the bay (after not realizing we had driven past it), parked the car and followed one of the tracks. The track took us into the woods and to a clearing where we sat on a huge rock and admired the snow capped mountains. Not a bad little spot!

View out to sea from the car park

View of the Southern Alps from a small clearing in the woods

Start of the walk

Start of the walk


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