Working and walking

I thought it was about time for a wee update. Mr M is getting on well in his job. His work mates are starting to go out for beers every Friday after work, which Mr M is extremely happy with! That BBQ I mentioned in a previous post has proven very popular. The last Friday of every month it’s burgers all round! The work is challenging Mr M so far and from what I’ve heard he has had some very good feedback from his seniors. Go Mr M!

My new temp job at the hospital is going well. It’s a very busy reception area with around 250 outpatients coming through the doors every day. It appears I timed my start date right. On my first day there was the monthly morning tea complete with cakes, sandwiches and cookies! I was welcomed into the team and sat and ate cake until it was time to go back to work. The people I am working with are so friendly! They ask me to join them for breaks and lunch every day so that I’m not the billy no mates sat in the corner. They have genuinely made me feel very welcome. This is a relief as I had heard stories about us Pommies not really be accepted in the work place in NZ and there was a bit of a “what you doing in our country taking our jobs?” kind of attitude going on. I can safely say in the three jobs I have had so far (and Mr M’s job) no one gives two hoots where you are from, as long as you are a decent person who makes an attempt to fit in. I’ve even started up a bit of banter with the other girl on reception. Definitely helps the day go faster, but not so good when you are cracking up and the phone needs answering!

We took advantage of the lovely weather last weekend went for a walk over the Port Hills. We chose a walk around Godley Head, a track that features an old building from the war and stunning views of the ocean. We mad our way around the track and found a spot on the cliff top where relaxed in the sun for a while. We even passed a guy who seemed to either be “working from home” or studying. He had positioned himself along the cliff top with laptop at the ready… not a bad spot at all!

Godley Head

Mr M finding a spot to relax!

I’ll be putting this on my bucket list!

Building from WWII


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