No more cleaning!!!

Good news! An agency I signed up with have just called to offer me a temp job working on reception in the oncology department at Christchurch Hospital. I have handed in my notice at the hotel and start in one week! It is a great feeling knowing that I can always fall back on temping as a way of earning. I also feel a bit more confident in myself. After being rejected so many times for jobs of the same kind in London you really begin to question yourself. Looking back I think, quite simply, there is far too much competition in London and so many more people with better qualifications and experience. The impression I have so far of getting work in Christchurch is that enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude goes a long way. People seem to give you a chance here and appear to place more of an emphasis on character rather than experience and qualifications. It’s quite refreshing really! Onwards and upwards!


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