Neeeiighhbors, everybody needs gooood neeiiighbors!

We have stopped for a wee chat with our neighbors a few times since we moved in. They have an awesome dog, a German shepherd crossed with malamute and Siberian husky! His name is Johnty, and he rocks! We got back this afternoon to a note under our door. Johnty has kindly invited us over for some St Patricks day drinks.

Well, what a night! Our neighbors, Mr G and Ms D were very gracious hosts! Our wine glasses were never empty and, quite frankly, I cannot remember past 7pm. We arrived at their place at about 5pm and apparently left at 11pm. Some of which I remember, a lot of which I do not! Apparently I disappeared at around 10pm to go and hug their toilet. Soon after this I am guessing we went home!

A good time was had by all. Before I sunk one too many we had good conversation with Mr G and Ms D. A lot of laughs (and a lot of wine).

The next day I caught up with Ms D in the driveway. They were feeling a little worse for wear and we had a good chuckle about my new relationship with their toilet…


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