Our stuff has arrived! Five boxes and a rug in (mostly) good order. We went to pick it up at the depot, mainly because the company were faffing around with a delivery time. We used Anglo Pacific and in general they were pretty good. They dropped off the boxes and picked them up full of our things in London when they said they would. Our boxes also arrived when they said they would, there wasn’t any delay. The people were helpful over the phone and in person. The only downside is a couple of things were broken in the box. Nothing huge, just an oven dish and lamp. One of the bigger boxes looked like it had been bashed a little too. All in all I would recommend them. The price was also reasonable. It came to about 250 pounds for 3 big boxes, 2 tea cartons and the rug. Much cheaper than another company (forgotten the name) who quoted us 600 quid! It does pay to shop around. I probably phoned about 10 different companies, and was pretty sick of it towards the end! My quotes ranged from 180 up to 600 squids.

On a completely different note, I took a couple of pictures of the sunset last night from our garden. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but the sky looked amazing! A mixture of bright orange and pink fluffy clouds dotted around a big blue backdrop…




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