Changing jobs and lots of meetings

I have been offered another cleaning job at a different hotel on a bit more money and slightly more hours. It is still close to where Mr M is working and will still give me enough time for meetings in the afternoon. It is quite a posh hotel (I will have to be on my best behavior) with lovely gardens, lakes with a view of the Southern Alps from some of the rooms. The work is hard physically- lots of big rooms to clean and not much time to do it in. However I now work in a team of two or three so it’s a bit more sociable. Maybe I could get away with a cheeky Speights from the minibar and a snooze on the balcony. That would be a good working environment…

I have been pretty busy lately with the cleaning job and meetings. I have had quite a few meetings with various different types of clinics. One physio clinic in particular that I contacted whilst in London met with me the other day to talk about potential opportunities. The clinic that he runs offers corporate health assessments to businesses who would like to offer this to its employees. The work will involve fitness testing and reports. The meeting went well and the director seems keen for me to be involved. Watch this space!

I got up for work the other morning, opened the curtains and couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sunrise. One of the first things I when landing in NZ the first time around is how beautiful the sky is. It’s always so vast and blue! Apparently it is the lack of o-zone layer and pollution that makes the sky so blue. Sunrise and sunsets are a treat as well!




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