Work…and “driving” lawn mowers!

Mr M has been in his new job for one week now. He is enjoying it so far. His team seem friendly and the company clearly looks after its staff. There has been talk of a new BBQ arriving at the office soon, which means once every month it will be burgers for lunch for all the staff! Now that is a good perk to the job!

As for me I have picked up some cleaning work at a hotel in Christchurch. Don’t worry, no drastic career change on my part, just a bit of work to keep me occupied and earning! The interview for the job went as follows:

Head housekeeper: “Have you got a working visa?”

Me: “Yes”

Housekeeper: “Have you had a cleaning job before?”

Me: “No” (balls, this is be a no go without experience)

Housekeeper: “No worries, anyone can clean if they put their mind to it. Can you start on Monday?”


The job, despite it being cleaning, is quite cushy really. Mr M will drive to work, I will then take the car and drive to the hotel, which isn’t too far away and work from 9-1. This means I an schedule meetings/interviews for the afternoon.

So far things are falling into place. In a strange way I am quite glad to accept the cleaning work. This was a problem when we were in London. I found it hard to get a professional job (although got there in the end!) but I also got turned down from cleaning jobs, cafe work and shop assistant jobs. I was “overqualified”. Whereas here they seem to accept that I wont stay forever but they are happy to have me as long as I work hard whilst I’m there. Everyone’s happy!

Just to add to the good news – I also got to mow the lawn using Uncle G’s sit on lawn mower! So much more fun than a regular mower!




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