New house!


We are pleased to say we have found a house to move into in the middle of Feb! We are very fortunate to be in this position as we are taking over the tenancy agreement from some friends who are moving into a house they have bought. The rental situation in Christchurch is not in good shape at the moment due to the earthquake back in Feb 2011. With so many houses being uninhabitable and lots of tradies coming in for the rebuild there is a severe shortage of rental accommodation. So bad that people are living in their cars or opting to buy a camper van to live in. We went to view a unit in a place near to where Mr M works and about 30 other couples showed up! It wasn’t even that nice a place! Potential tenants were getting into a bidding war over the rent and how long they would sign the contract for. On the same day we decided to accept the place our friends were currently staying in. Good choice I say! Despite being on the “wrong” side of town the place is quite tidy – new kitchen, two bedrooms, double garage and a small garden.

Check out and head to the real estate section where you will find rentals for different areas of Chch.

Here are some pictures of the new place and car we picked up the other day:

New wheels!

New wheels!


The garden

View from our bedroom

Open plan kitchen/dining area


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