We have arrived!

As the title says! We have arrived safe and sound to beautiful weather! Clear blue skies and sunshine all around. Not a great idea to turn up in jeans, boots and thick winter coat. Time to crack out the shorts and jandles (flip flops to you and I!) We met Mr M’s aunt and uncle at the airport for a lift back to their place in Leithfield where we will be staying until we find ourselves a house to rent in Christchurch.

I am pleased to say that neither of us have suffered jet lag too badly (yet!) On our first day of arriving we kept ourselves busy and tried to do the usual things at the usual time ie eating and sleeping when we are supposed be eating and sleeping. This is one solid piece of advice I would give with beating jet lag – try not to sleep when you should be awake in your new time zone. As hard as it is to stay awake try and keep busy – go for a walk, unpack your things, do some chores, anything! Also eat the things you should be eating ie cereal at breakfast, sandwich at lunch etc. This can be easier said than done but the results are worth it. When we were on our round the world trip we had a little bit of jet lag flying from LA to Tokyo. Mr M found himself wide awake at 4am and I found myself craving burger and fries at breakfast time. Do not give in! Adapt to the new time zone as best you can and you will adjust much better. When we went on holiday to India we made the mistake of taking a nap on returning to London. Big mistake. When we woke up a few hours later we both felt pretty shocking! In hindsight we should have grabbed a coffee and wondered around until bed time.

Now time to sort out our bank account, look for a place to rent, check out the beach (top priority!) and apply for our tax numbers.




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