Today’s the day!

AHHH having a nightmare with baggage allowance on the day we fly out!!! After trying to make head or tails of the info given to us by the airline we decided to call them to double check. As we are flying with two airlines but booked the tickets through a third party we were totally confused as to how much baggage we were allowed. Our first airline (Air Nippon) said 30kg each, our second airline (Air New Zealand) said 20kg each and Expedia said “baggage allowance is in accordance with your airline.” Bugger. Do we pack 30kg and hope we don’t have to pay extra when we check our baggage in on the second leg with Air NZ? Do we play it safe and only pack 20kg when we REALLY need the extra 10kg? Which one is it? Who do we call? HELP! After a cup of tea and reality slap I called Expedia and the girl on the phone confirmed that we can take 30kg each. Panic over. Or so I thought…

We have a lot more stuff than I ever imagined. A trip to a local luggage shop for a couple of carry on suitcases was next on the list (that seemed to be getting longer by the minute). A bit off topic but I do love the fact that in London you can walk down the street and come across shops selling suitcases, bins, Tupperware and other random useful items seem to spring up on you out of no where! I think the shop we went into was a launderette who happened to be selling suitcases as well. So after umming and ahhing and wondering if any of the small suitcases pass as carry on luggage we purchased two wee suitcases for 12 quid each. Bargain!

So, after more cleaning and finishing the last little bit of sorting we thought we were just about done. Too good to be true. Mr M has found a money box full of coppers! There must be at least 20 quid inside! Can’t take it with us, can’t ditch it! So we decide that I will stay in the flat and do the check out report with the agency and Mr M will walk (run) to Brent Cross to change the money.

It all worked out in the end and Mr M got back to the flat about half way through check out. The guy seemed happy with the state of the flat. As it goes Mr M is a dab hand at hoovering. He even did the skirting boards and used different attachments without me even mentioning it!

It’s quite surprising how long it takes to clean a flat that you have occupied for just 9 months. I can’t imagine having to do this for say a 3 bedroom house with garage and garden. My advice would be to work out how long you need to sort, pack, clean, organize your last few things…. and then double your estimated time (perhaps triple if you have kids and/or pets!)

So here we are. Two big suitcases, two little suitcases and two backpacks stood on the side of the road in the snow. We are officially homeless! Our initial plan was to get the tube. Not a chance with all this stuff. Plus having to struggle through the ice and snow with so much stuff was not a great idea. So the coppers Mr M exchanged at the last minute (17 pounds something!) went on a taxi to the airport. About 10 minutes in I fell asleep and woke up as we were pulling into the airport! Quick journey for me!

Time for the 26 hour flight to NZ. Here we go!

Until next time…


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