So much to pack…well not really!

As we knew we would be moving again we didn’t buy much of our own furniture. I managed to twist the landlords arm and he agreed to part furnish our flat with the important stuff. All we had bought was a coffee table that couldn’t go with us. Now that we had (finally) agreed on a shipping company all that was left was to pack up to stuff for them to pick up!

Now, to anyone thinking of emigrating – do not underestimate the amount of time it takes to pack your things! We only had a small amount of stuff (a few medium sized boxes). Lots of people will have whole houses of stuff to be taken with them. Sometimes shipping companies will pack the items for you. This would definitely be worth it if you are working full time until you leave.

Safe to say it took me ages to pack. Bubble wrap, tape and boxes consumed the spare room in the lead up to moving. Playing jenga with arranging what went where was also a skill I have mastered!


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