Skype interview….eek!

The general reply so far has been “I like your skill set but call us when you get to NZ.” If neither of us secure a job before we arrive then it is on to plan B. We will delay our move by a few months so that we can save more money to support us whilst in NZ and potentially jobless.

And then…

A company have just sent Mr M and email inviting him to an interview over Skype!!! Just as we had started to think we wouldn’t get a job until in NZ! After frantically googling “skype interview tips” Mr M felt ready (as he’ll ever be!) for the interview. I was at work when it all went on, glancing over at my phone to see how it had gone. On my way home from work I called Mr M to see how it went. He seemed happy at his performance and got a good vibe from the company. Happy days!

A couple of days later another email arrived asking Mr M for a second interview, yay! This time it was more of a technical test relating to IT rather than the usual “tell me about a time you used initiative blah blah blah” questions. A technical test you say, scary!

Again I was at work when the second interview went on. I called Mr M to see how it went and he thought it was a big balls up on his part. He didn’t feel like he had answered the questions very well and some of the questions were out of his skill set. He was convinced they would now not be interested. Back to plan B then…


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