Jobs Down Under

With visa in hand it is now time to get down to business! We already had an idea of the job market in Christchurch as we had researched this whilst we were there. This is a huge selling point for us as the job market seems stable and well paid jobs in our sectors are achievable.

The best way to look for a job in NZ is using No different to any other website designed to help you look for suitable jobs. Mr M started applying for jobs within the IT sector. There seemed to be quite a lot about considering the size of Christchurch. This is largely down to the earthquake in 2011. A lot people moved to different parts of NZ or moved country altogether. Then there’s us wanting to move in! This worked in our favour as companies were struggling to fill positions due to a lack of people.

I got going on my job applications and started applying. I updated my CV and re-designed my covering letter. The responses came thick and fast! General consensus was “get in touch when you arrive”. This seemed to be the reply for both of us. I guess from their point of view a potential expat not in NZ is a risky concept. What if they offer us a job and then we decide not to move? Will we be expecting relocation costs? Do we even have the right visa? The feeling we got was that we would both stand a higher chance of employment once in NZ.


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