Medicals, xrays and police reports…

Quite honestly I am fed up. We have been back in the UK now for about 7 months and still no job for me. One starts to feel slightly demoralized when turned down for cleaning work. I have no problem with working any job even if not related to my profession. But even that is hard to come by. Can’t find a professional job and I’m “overqualified” to clean and make coffee. Fighting a losing battle me thinks.

It was always our aim to get back to New Zealand within one year of leaving. That would put us around the February 2013 mark. Now that we are getting into September it is time to start looking at visas, medicals, xrays and putting feelers out for jobs in Christchurch, our place of choice.

When applying to work in New Zealand many people who have experienced it would probably describe it as the chicken or the egg situation. What comes first – the job offer or the visa? Good question. A prospective employer wants an applicant to have a valid work visa when applying for the job role. OK, fair enough. However, immigration want you to have a job offer before applying for a visa. Oh.

After going around in circles, trying to decipher various information and eventually acting on an immigration workers advice, we set about applying for a working holiday visa. Luckily for us we fell in the age range for this type of visa (18-30). This type of visa allows us to work in NZ for up to one year and allows you to stay on for another year after this (2 years in total). The theory is before the year is up we will have a more permanent type of visa. Seeing as Mr M is on the skills shortage list this shouldn’t be too hard.

For this type of visa we needed a medical, a chest xray and police reports. Appointments were made at a medical centre that was immigration approved and forms were filled in to get our police certificates. Watch this space!


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