Plodding along

It’s now coming up to three months in our new flat. Mr M is getting on OK in his job, although he feels the hours are long and the job description was not all it was cracked up to be. Hopefully things will improve… and if they don’t New Zealand is calling anyway! Mr M decided it’s best to stick it out for the sake of his CV rather than look for a new job and have to give it up in a few months. Good decision I say!

As for me I am actively looking for work. I have been pulling all of my contacts together, applying speculatively for some time now. An osteopathy clinic in Bank is interested in my skill set and I have been offering my services at his place for 6 weeks now. Hopefully the patients will come rolling in soon enough.

Some good news from New Zealand – Mr M’s cousin (or cuzzy as the Kiwi’s would say!) and her husband welcomed a baby boy into the world on July 1st. Congratulations guys! We hope to meet little Mr R soon.


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