London Baby!

After careful consideration we have decided to head off back to London. It seems to be the place to be for jobs. Mr M has been offered a job with a Poole based company who want to outsource him to Golders Green. North of the river you say… how posh! After some research on my part there seems to be some opportunities for me in various clinics in and around London.

I headed up on the bus as I had a meeting arranged with a clinic on Portabello Road (check me out!) A little call to the BFF was in order asking if she will take me on as a temporary lodger. She willingly agreed and told me she simply could not wait to have me hangin’ round the place! Haha. In all seriousness though, it is a nice thought that after a year away that a friend will let you crash at their place no questions asked… thanks Ms M!

Both Mr M and I never really envisaged ourselves moving back to London after our travels. In fact, we were dead against it. All the crowds, the suffocating commutes, high cost of living did not appeal. But after second thought if London is where the jobs are, then that is where we will go. We know our way around, we have some friends there and it is a place where you can get around without having to buy a car. All plus points in my mind. Also, with us both not being able to shake our desire to try a new life in New Zealand – would we really be in London forever?

After a bit of a hellish search for flats I went to view one in Hendon. The agreement was whoever finds a job first we will move within walking distance of said job to cut down on commuting costs (which, by the way, I found hideously expensive – you want HOW MUCH per month!?) Since Mr M “won” with his job offer in Golders Green I set about finding a flat within walking distance. Apparently one/two bedroom flats within our budget in our desired area are in short supply. Great. After being on the case consistently for a couple of weeks I found us a two bed flat in Hendon. Not too shabby I say. Two good sized bedrooms (it’s amazing what some estate agents class as a bedroom!), high ceilings, communal garden, close to the tube and opposite a park complete with tennis courts. That’ll do nicely.

Next job – move in!


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